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Join us for an incredible insight into the mind and experiences of one of the most fascinating adventurers in the world, Charlie Walker, world renowned explorer, author and keynote speaker.

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When: Tuesday, 21 June 2022.
Time: 12:00pm
Duration: 30 minutes
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About Charlie

Charlie specialises in long distance human-powered expeditions having covered over 50,000 miles by ski, bicycle, foot, horse and canoe. Charlie is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and 3x recipient of the Transglobe Expedition Trust – Mad but Marvellous grant. Most recently Charlie has just returned from far eastern Russia where he was on an expedition by land that took an unfortunate twist and put him in a very tricky situation. 

– Global Explorer
– Explorer Award 2021
– World First – 5,200 mile Triathlon
– Bike Expedition – 43,000 miles across 60 Countries
– Solo – 1,000 mile walk from China to Mongolia
– Writer – The Sunday Times | The Daily Telegraph
– Transglobe Expedition Trust – 3x Recipient of the Mad but Marvellous Grant

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