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About us

LassWho recently launched in 2021 and is the new digital platform that connects fans with their heroes and inspirational people for live video-chats.


LassWho was created by Founder and CEO, Dean Morrison, who started hosting live video conferencing calls for members of his local sporting club during the COVID lockdown. Tapping into his extensive network, he organised calls with sports stars from around the world. The success of these experiences ignited the development of LassWho, as Dean sought to offer similar experiences to sports fans around the world.


The LassWho hero list, initially cricket and rugby, is growing every day. We now have more than 500 world class athletes and keynote speakers who have joined LassWho and now give you the opportunity to connect directly for live video chats.


Learn what they have learned. Discover what they have discovered. Win like your hero. Be like your hero.


LassWho – Meet your hero and be inspired today!


You can register as a Fan on LassWho via the website or by downloading the app

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