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René Deceuninck, Master in Body Language, motivational speaker, coach and trainer, runs an exclusive international company. Since 1995, René has been delivering enriching insights and results-oriented outcomes to his clients. His seminars, keynotes and training around the world are changing businesses with amazing levels of positive increase. He shared stages with Brian Tracy, Jairek Robbins, Jack Canfield and many other influential speakers. René also hosted preview sessions for Anthony Robbins UPW Preview Events. His clients are empowered with their new skills to read thoughts before one word is spoken, in meetings, in sales, and in everyday situations. As a result of this competitive edge, they optimize their performance, both personal & professional.


Body Language Mastery | Motivational Speaking | Coaching | Training | Business Consulting | Executive Coaching | Leadership Development There are different types of communication and there are several types of Body Language. What they all have in common, is they both will be influenced by certain conditions. These conditions will pull people towards you, or push them away from you. Sometimes words that cannot be pulled back you have communicated and you are shocked. The tone and intonation will influence your Body Language and the other way around. When you are making a decision, it can be a rational or emotional decision, based on conscious signals or a subconscious reality, note that particular signals or realities will influence your Body Language. Your Verbal and Non-Verbal communication will influence the conscious and subconscious mind of the other person and will also decide the quality and results of any further communications, conversations or actions and results.


+ International Keynote Speaker + Body Language Expert + Founder Director at BNR Global + Advocate for Health & Wellness @ BNR Global + External teacher at Oxford Business College + External teacher at Oxford Brookes University + Exclusive Hosting - Anthony Robbins UPW Preview Events + Global Recognition - Seminars and Keynotes have catalyzed positive transformations in businesses globally, earning recognition for his unparalleled contributions. + Cultural Bridge: Transcending cultural differences, decoding unspoken cues in diverse settings, making Body Language a universally applicable skill.

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