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Jim Louderback is a world leader in Technology and Media who was the CEO of VidCon and Revision3. Jim had numerous jobs in media companies involved in technology, most notably with TechTV and editor-in-chief of PC Magazine. Jim was also well known as the television host of TechTVs Fresh Gear for three years from 1998 to 2000. Jim is one of the most respected figures in Digital Media with a 25-year history of leadership at the intersection of Publishing, Media and Technology. Jim recently ended an 8-year run with VidCon, starting in 2014 as editorial director of the industry track, taking over as CEO in 2017. In early 2018, Jim led the sale of VidCon to Viacom. He also previously built and sold online video network Revision3 to Discovery, was editor-in-chief of PC Magazine and founding content lead for cable network TechTV. Jim is also a leading creator on the LinkedIn platform and writes the popular newsletter Inside the Creator Economy, which reaches 20,000 readers weekly.


Technology | Media | Leadership | Innovation | Entrepreneurship | Television | Senior Management | Programming | Inspiration | Motivation | Longevity


Technology Pioneer & Entrepreneur Inside the Creator Economy - 20,000 weekly readers in the media, entertainment and technology industry Revision3 - CEO | Sold to Discovery Communications Revision3 - Shows included Tekzilla, Rev3Games, Scam School, Diggnation and Hak5 Discovery Digital Networks - Built Leading Web Original Video Network VidCon - CEO | Built Global Events Business sold to Viacom TechTV and editor-in-chief of PC Magazine TechTVs Fresh Gear - Television Host University of Vermont - BS, Mathematics NYU Stern School of Business - MBA, Technology, Media, Marketing, Finance

Specialisation (Technology)

AI, IT, Metaverse, NFTs, Networks, Startups, Superintelligence

Influencer (Influencer)

Bloggers, Macro Influencers, Vloggers

Entertainment (Television)

Broadcast, Technology

Business (Business Consulting)

Business Consulting, Leadership Development, Management Consulting, Public Speaking

Keynote (Keynote Speaking)

Business Management, Business Transformation, Entrepreneurial, Innovation, Inspiration, Leadership, Technology

Writing | Author (Non-Fiction)

Business and Economics, Educational, Journalism, Narrative, Technology, Travel

Entertainment (Creation)

Director, Producer

Journalism (Communications)

Electronics, Journalism, Telecommunications, Television

Entertainment (Master of Ceremonies)

Industry Conference, Product Launch


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