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Dr. Vivienne Ming explores maximising human capacity as a theoretical neuroscientist, delusional inventor, and demented author. Over her career she’s founded 8 startups, been chief scientist at 2 others, and launched the “mad science incubator”, Socos Labs, where she explores seemingly intractable problems—from a lone child’s disability to global economic inclusion—for free. As the co-founder and Chief Scientist of Dionysus Health she applies machine learning to lessen the corrosive health effects of chronic stress in communities. She also develops tools for learning at home and in school and TBI, models of bias in hiring and promotion, and neurotechnologies to treat dementia, an outgrowth of her research at the Redwood Center of UC Berkeley for Theoretical Neuroscience. In her free time, Vivienne designs AI systems to treat her son’s diabetes, predict manic episodes in bipolar sufferers, and reunite orphan refugees with extended family members.


AI | Technology | Leadership | Empowerment | Innovation | Public Speaking | Policy | Education


Doctor | PhD - Psychology (Carnegie Mellon University) Post Doctoral Fellowship - Stanford University | UCLA Visiting Scholar - UC Berkeley | Redwood Center Founder of Socos Labs - AI | Neuroscience | Educational Reform TED Talk - How to be a Better Person Machine Learning - Singularity University (Brazil) AI | Neural Networks - Royal Irish Academy BBC Top 100 Women (2017) Media - BBC Radio 4 | NPR | PC Magazine

Specialisation (Technology)

AI, Robotics, Startups, Superintelligence

Learning (Education)

Academia, Post Graduate, Tertiary

Keynote (Keynote Speaking)

Adversity, Business Management, Business Transformation, Diversity and Inclusion, Entrepreneurial, Innovation, Inspiration, Leadership, Motivation, Resilience, Team Building, Technology

Medicine (Neurology)

Autonomic Nervous System, Blood Vessels, Brain, Muscles, Peripheral Nerves, Spinal Cord

Science (Psychological Science)

Behavioural Science, Psychology, Sociology

Business (Business Consulting)

Business Consulting, Corporate Training, Management Consulting

Science (Physical Science)

Chemistry, Physics

Health and Wellness (Health)

Community and Environmental, Consumer and Personal, Family and Social Health, Growth and Development, Mental Health

Keynote (Diversity and Inclusion)

Gender Identity | LGBT, Physical | Mental, Women


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