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Join us next week to hear from Rhys Thomas former Wales Rugby International and Inspirational Speaker to hear his incredible story from growing up in South Africa to reaching the highs of playing international rugby for Wales to suddenly having his career cut short when he had a heart attack in training. 

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When: Tuesday, 14 June 2022.
Time: 12:00pm
Duration: 30 minutes
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About Rhys

Rhys Thomas is a former Welsh international rugby player who also played for the Dragons and Scarlets. In 2012, Rhys had his career cut short and was forced to retire after suffering a major heart attack in training. This resulted in a quadruple heart bypass, multiple operations and eventually being fitted with a pump that helps keep him alive.

The fallout from his heart attack was significant with Rhys having to undergo lifesaving operations, including a quadruple heart bypass, being fitted with a pump that keeps him alive, losing his career and identity and struggling to maintain relationships. This led to many dark moments, but with support and rehab he was able to overcome these challenges through refocusing, gaining perspective on his life that has enabled him to move forward in a positive direction. Rhys shares his story and experiences with us and in doing so hopes to help others who are dealing with difficult situations. 

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