9 Reasons For Using a Speaker Marketplace for Live Virtual Events

Previously, the only available method to book a keynote speaker was through a traditional speaker bureau – now that has changed!

Why should you use a Speaker Marketplace for Live Virtual Events?

Now you can have all the control in the process of booking a keynote speaker. You can search for, find and book your keynote speaker in only a few easy steps. What is even better is that you are able to have your booking request confirmed by the keynote speaker in minutes. This new solution takes all the pain and worries away with the added benefit that the frictions of the traditional process have been removed.

Here are 9 Reasons for Using a Speaker Marketplace for Live Virtual Events:

1 – Global Platform of Speakers 

When you use a global marketplace of speakers you can be assured of access to a wide range of speakers from all corners of the world giving you unparalleled choice like never before.

2 – Direct Access

Global online platforms like LassWho give you direct access to the speaker (or their representative) so you are not having to go on to a website, complete a form and wait for it to go through multiple peoples’ hands before your booking is confirmed. You have the ability to book the speaker directly either with the speaker or their representative meaning you can have a response in minutes. All communication is automated via the Agenda setting process and the Event link is an automated process.

Of course, the team is available to help with any questions but the idea is to make it less taxing for you.

3 – Frictionless Booking Process

Using a marketplace of speakers like LassWho means there is no waiting – just Search, Find, Book, Set Agenda and Host the Event. You will be supported through all of the steps in the process by one of our team members if you have any questions.

4 – Online Self Service

Using a marketplace of speakers like LassWho means you can simply go on to the website or app and shop for the speaker you want for your event, from 121s, small events to large scale corporate events. How much easier is it for you to be able to book a speaker using the online self-service functionality.

You can simply go on to the website or app and shop for the speaker you want for your event

5 – Agenda is customisable

Imagine having the ability to search and book a speaker whilst during this process being able to set the agenda so your speaker knows what you want to speak about. It makes sense and saves time with the direct access notification via the platform.

6 – Travel & Accommodation Costs are removed

Needless to say there are no travel or accommodation costs involved when booking a speaker for a live virtual event.

7 – Carbon Footprint is eliminated

How important is it that you are doing your bit for the environment? When you book a speaker for a live virtual event you are not only getting to experience the benefit of reaching a wider audience across the world but you are eliminating your carbon footprint as the speaker is not having to drive or catch the train or even worse fly to the location.

8 – Expertise

Working with a platform that has direct access to world-class speakers means you are able to place trust in the expertise at your fingertips, which provides comfort that your booking is in safe hands. This is particularly important where some platforms and speaker bureaus have multiple layers of approvals and gatekeepers involved which can result in a breakdown in communication and ultimately sub-optimal experience.

9 – Network

Using a platform provider that has a deep network of contacts and speakers is important as securing the booking if the best speakers can sometimes be a painstaking process given layers that are placed between the public and some high profile speakers. It is important that when required, you are able to place trust in the fact that the platform you are working with is able to get in touch expeditiously to ensure no unnecessary bottlenecks appear.

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