July Events – Register (Complimentary)

How to Register?

After the overwhelming feedback and success of the events with Rhys Thomas, Charlie Walker and Stephen McGown this month, we have scheduled more complimentary events for you to experience our speakers on LassWho.

Click on the links below and register for each of the events you would like to attend.


British conservationist | National Geographic Explorer | BBC – A Perfect Planet | Award Winning TV Presenter.

+ Topics: Conservation | Environment | Leadership
+ Date: Tue, 12 July 2022 
+ Time: 12-12:30pm (BST UK)

2. Marilyn Okoro (REGISTER – CLICK HERE)

Team GB Olympic Track & Field Athlete | Beijing 4x400m medallist | Motivational Speaker | Navigating Change.

+ Topics: Inspiration | Mental Health | Resilience | Dealing with Change
+ Date: Thu, 14 July 2022 
+ Time: 12-12:30pm (BST UK)

3. Danielle Brown (REGISTER – CLICK HERE)

Team GB Paralympic, Commonwealth Games and World Champion Athlete | First Disabled competitor to represent England in an able bodied competition.

+ Topics: Inspiration | Performing Under Pressure | Resilience | Motivation
+ Date: Tue, 19 July 2022 
+ Time: 12-12:30pm (BST UK)

4. Mark Colbourne (REGISTER – CLICK HERE)

World and Paralympic Cycling Champion from Great Britain | Survivor of near fatal paragliding accident.

+ Topics: Dealing with Adversity | Resilience | Inspiration | Mentoring
+ Date: Thu, 21 July 2022 
+ Time: 12-12:30pm (BST UK)


International Best Selling Author and Thought Leader who worked alongside Simon Sinek and most notably co-authored the acclaimed book ‘Find Your Why’ with Simon.

+ Topics: Organisational Culture | Human Leadership| Corporate Training
+ Date: Tue, 26 July 2022 
+ Time: 10-10:30am (US East Coast time)
+ Time: 3-3:30pm (BST UK)

6. Simon Taufel (REGISTER – CLICK HERE)

Simon is considered by many experts to be one of the finest umpires of all time in world cricket. Simon won 5 consecutive Umpire of the Year awards and remains the youngest person to have received the Bronze Bails Award for umpiring 100 One Day Internationals.

+ Topics: Leadership | People Management | Elite Performance | Decision Making | Dealing with Pressure
+ Date: Tue, 26 July 2022 
+ Time: 1-1:30pm (AEST time)
+ Time: 4-4:30am (BST UK)

7. Dr Stephen Martin (REGISTER – CLICK HERE)

Olympic Gold medallist in Hockey and contributor to 13 Olympic Games with Team GB as Deputy CEO and Team Ireland as CEO.

+ Topics: Senior Leadership | People Management | Elite Performance
+ Date: Thu, 28 July 2022 
+ Time: 12-12:30pm (BST UK)