August & September Events – Register (Complimentary)

How to Register?

After the overwhelming feedback and success of the events with Rhys Thomas, Charlie Walker and Stephen McGown this month, we have scheduled more complimentary events for you to experience our speakers on LassWho.

Click on the links below and register for each of the events you would like to attend.

August Events


Record breaking polar adventurer | expedition leader | former Royal Marine Commando and SAS soldier with 35 years of service.

+ Topics: Leadership | Operational Planning | Motivation | Management in Hostile Environments
+ Date: Tue, 2 August 2022 
+ Time: 12-12:30pm (BST UK)

2. Dr Jodie Lowinger (REGISTER – CLICK HERE)

Internationally renowned clinical psychologist and top secret weapon to some of the most successful CEO and Executive teams around the world.

+ Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2022 
+ Topics: Mental Awareness | Wellbeing | Stress Management | Corporate Strategic Coaching
+ Time: 10-10:30am (UK time)
+ Time: 7-7:30pm (AEST time)


Team GB Winter Olympian and Skeleton Olympic medallist.

+ Topics: Elite Performance | Performing Under Pressure | Mental Health
+ Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2022 
+ Time: 12-12:30pm (UK time)

4. Neil & Lora Fachie (REGISTER – CLICK HERE)

Team GB Paralympic and World Champion Cyclists. Neil is a 14 x World Champion who first competed as a 100m & 200m runner, representing Paralympics GB at the 2008 Games, before switching to cycling. Lora is a 4x World Champion who competes in both tandem road and track events.

+ Topics: Elite Performance | Performing Under Pressure | Resilience | Dealing with Adversity
+ Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2022 
+ Time: 12-12:30pm (UK time)

5. Michael Kasprowicz (REGISTER – CLICK HERE)

Michael Kasprowicz – former Australian International cricketer who had a magnificent 18 year career with Queensland and Australia. 

Michael played 38 Test matches taking 113 wickets with a best of 8 for 92. Prior to this he had debuted as a 17 year old for Queensland whilst still at school. Prolific first class cricketer playing over 250 matches taking 959 wickets. Michael also played for Australia in Rugby as a schoolboy.

+ Topics: Leadership | Resilience | Inspiration | Motivation | Performing Under Pressure | Media | Sport Tech
+ Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2022 
+ Time: 1-1:30pm (AEST time – Australia)
+ Time: 4-4:30am (UK time)


Survivor of Plane Disaster | Six months in a coma with 60% burns to his body and less than a 5% survival rate | British Special Forces.

+ Topics: Adversity | Decision Making Under Pressure | Resilience | Inspiration
+ Date: Wed, 31 August 2022 
+ Time: 12-12:30pm (UK time)

September Events


Former rugby league international with England and Great Britain with more than 38 years’ experience in professional high performance environments.

+ Topics: Optimal Performance | Winning Culture and Environment | Leadership | Innovation
+ Date: Thu, 8 Sept 2022
+ Time: 12-12:30pm (UK time)

2. Mark Halsey (REGISTER – CLICK HERE)

English Premier League referee who had a career spanning 24 years which included referring at international level. Mark overcame cancer to return to referring in the English Premiership.

+ Topics: Leadership | Communication | Decision Making Under Pressure | Resilience | Dealing with Adversity
+ Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2022
+ Time: 12-12:30pm (UK time)