How to Find a Perfect Keynote Speaker for a Virtual Event

Have you ever hired a keynote speaker for a virtual event? Is this your first experience? Do you feel pressed to find the ideal keynote speaker for your virtual event? 

Here are some helpful hints to consider before beginning you search for a keynote speaker.

1 – Date: When do you want the event to take place? 

2 – Location: Where will the virtual event be held, and how many locations, such as offices, will participate? 

3 – Booking type: individual mentoring, small group (business development, small team), corporate entertainment/marketing/product launch/business development 

4 – Budget: What is your spending plan? 

5 – Presentation Type: What is the type of keynote presentation? (For example, keynote, workshop, Q&A, product launch, or a combination of all?

6 – What kind of content delivery do you expect from the keynote? (Leadership, inspiration, motivation, diversity and inclusion, dealing with advertising, lessons, coaching, and other responsibilities) 

7 – Do you have any specific types of speakers in mind? Do you have a favourite speaker or someone who is on your radar? 

8 – Approval: Who must approve the booking? Can you approve the booking, or does someone from management need to approve and pay for it?

9 – Audience demographics: to whom will the keynote address? For example, is it a women-only or a diversity and inclusion group?

These factors will play an important role in determining the pool of keynote speakers available to you.

Your date, for example, will affect which keynote speakers are available, whereas your budget will limit whom you can and can’t afford to hire.

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