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Hiring a keynote speaker can be a daunting responsibility. Where do you start? Isn’t it simple, just use Google and find a speaker and away you go?

Looking for the Perfect Keynote Speaker – We have already created an article on How to Hire the Perfect Keynote Speaker for your next event so you may find it useful as well.

So what should you think about when Booking a Speaker?

Here are some tips for you to consider and follow:

1 – What does Planning the Event look like?
2 – Where to Find a Speaker?
3 – What does a Speaker Cost?

1 – Planning the Event

How much time do I need to find a speaker?

Start looking as soon as possible. Last-minute speakers can be found but short notice using the traditional process is difficult. Using a solution like LassWho gives you a multitude of opportunities to book speakers at the last moment given the global marketplace of speakers available at your fingertips.

Speakers can be booked at the last minute using LassWho and whilst that is one of the significant benefits of the platform, generally, speakers require anything from 2 weeks to 4 months’ notice.

  • Professional Keynote Speakers – usually require 4 weeks to 4 months
  • Sports Speakers – usually require 2 weeks to 2 months.

How important is the date?

Keynote speakers who are in demand require more notice than other speakers. Make sure you give yourself sufficient time and even consider getting in touch with the booking bureau or online booking platform (like LassWho) so you can get an early indication of what to expect.

Type of event – what does your audience look like?

Determine what type of event you are holding – Is it a 121 or for yourself and friends, for small groups like teams and business development events, for larger groups like clubs, schools and associations or are you responsible for a full-scale corporate event.

LassWho creates opportunities for the following types of bookings:

1 – Individuals and Friends (1 to 4 people)
2 – Small Groups (5 to 20 people): teams, business development events, small group of friends, team meetings
3 – Large Groups (20+): clubs, schools, associations
4 – Corporates & Events: – internal or external larger scale events with employees and / or clients.

Presentation Type?

What type of keynote presentation is it? For example, is it a Keynote, Workshop, Questions and Answers, Product Launch or a Hybrid of all?


Speakers range from £100 to £20,000 or more depending on their level of experience. Our website and app provide more information on the Speaker Fee levels or you can ask one of our team.

Who is the Audience?

What are the demographics of the audience?

Are you speaking to the entire club, team or organisation including everyone from the people on the shop floor right through to senior management?

What is the Purpose of the Event?

What do you want the speaker to deliver (speak about) at your virtual event? You should consider this in detail before selecting your speaker and make sure their profile aligns with what you require.

  • Is the event an Internal or External audience?
  • Are you looking for a formal presentation or information Q&A
  • Educational or Professional development based?
  • Specific keynote on Leadership, Transformation, Change, Innovation or Technology?
  • Do you want to motivation, inspire, empower?
  • Are you wanting pure entertainment or a specific keynote delivery?

If you are in any doubt you can check with the team at LassWho who will be happy to help.

2 – Where to Find a Keynote Speaker

There are many solutions to finding a keynote speaker including a traditional speakers bureau, speaker marketplaces, via your network or searching the internet.

Speakers Bureau

Speakers bureaus have existed for a long time and generally involve a traditional search and booking method for securing the services of a keynote speaker. This process is clunky, wastes time and has many frictions that result in significant frustrations – basically it is outdated.

Speaker Marketplaces

New global speaker marketplaces available to you, like LassWho have recently provided an alternative to booking through the traditional speaker bureau method. LassWho’s main value-added use is that you get direct access to booking the speaker, cutting out the traditional middlemen, which can mean you make your booking and have it accepted within minutes. LassWho is the new global digital platform connecting fans, people and organisations with world-class speakers for live virtual events.


You can always ask within your network if any of your connections have access to speakers. This is a good way of finding a speaker and may not cost much but this can mean a trade off between a polish paid speaker vs a free or significantly cost reduced option.

Internet search

You could do your own internet search. However, this type of search can take longer and it can be hard to determine how qualified and experienced a speaker is from just watching a video or reading a summary on their website.

3 – Speaker Fees: What do different keynote speakers charge?

What do keynote speakers charge? 

Speakers can be free (if they are promoting a cause, their charity or doing a favour for someone) to million of pounds for a world class speaker. Typical keynote speaker fees range from £1,000 to £25,000 based on experience and name recognition

  • Less Experienced (Speakers new to speaking) – can charge anything from £100 to £750
  • Experienced (with sound credentials) – £500 to £1,000
  • Experienced (with solid credentials) – £800 to £3,000
  • Highly Experienced (low to medium profile) – £1,500 to £7,500
  • Highly Experienced ( high profile, seasoned professional and well known household name) – £5,000 to £25,000

Some speakers choose to charge less because they are speakers with either less experience, less polished speaking skills, few credentials or non-presentation aides. Other speakers charge more as they are either popular, well-versed in the art of speaking, polished or a well known thought leaders. 

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